Sunday, 24 April 2011

Been missing for a while!

I can't believe how long its been since I last posted. Eeek! Things are pretty hectic at the minute and to be honest I havent felt like making anything lately. Mimie has turned out to be an awwwwwful sleeper and I very rarely get more than a few hours sleep a night. Add to that everything else a mammy has to do every day and making things falls right at the bottom of that list :(

I'm determined I'm going to start making more time to make things though, I want to turn the spare bedroom into a playroom/joint bedroom for the girls and at the minute it is my craft room. Its absolutely jam packed with material and wool and everything you could possibly need, more than anyone could possibly need but for some reason I can never seem to think of anything to make with it all and always end up buying new *facepalm* So my ever expanding craft room really really needs a downsize and what better way than to find something to make with it all haha, easier said than done but we'll see.

I'm going to take Wednesday as my day off every week and make it into my crafty day, Paul is here to watch the babies so I should be able to get a good few hours in :) Today I'm going to finish off a nappy I've been making for a while now haha, keep putting it off and forgetting about it so going to get it done then start thinking about what i can make next week!

Well, heres hoping anyways :P

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