Monday, 25 April 2011

Sewing fail

So I finished off the nappy I was talking about yesterday, only problem is I made that many mistakes its not a nappy anymore haha. It started off as a one size pocket nappy, but I forgot the snaps before I started sewing it all together and by then it was too late. I was thinking ok, it's fine, it can be a large nappy for Leyla instead. I finished it off, only to realise I'd forgotten to sew the velcro on the front :facepalm: I had to sew the velcro on through the outer AND the inner which means I wont be able to get an insert in there properly so now it is going to have to be used as a wrap :facepalm:

It is so very cute though! I used a gorgeous nearly-as-soft-as-minky fleece backed with pul for the outer and the inner is plain green fleece, I do so love it, I only wish it had worked out as I planned it lol. Oh well, theres always next time :D


Passion4Fashion said...

Doll Diaper!!!!!!!!

Ellie said...

hehe it wouldve been if it had been smaller but i made it large size so it wouldnt fit any of our dolls, for now it works very well as a wrap, it just has a useless pocket in the back haha x

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