Sunday, 29 May 2011

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...the ones I read over and over again :)

Samster Mommy
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I'll add more as I remember them, I know there's many, many more but that's all I can think of right now.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sweater to toddler sweater dress refashion

I had an old sweater that I think used to be my Mam's. I decided to make a little sweater dress for Leyla out of it. It was seriously so easy and turned out very cute. It doesn't hang as weirdly as it does in the picture. I couldn't find a coat hanger that fit it nicely. To make it, I used the existing neckline and just drew around a sweater dress she already had that I knew fit her nicely, left myself a 1/4" seam allowance and stitched all the way along the sleeve, under the arm, reinforcing stitching under the arm as it will get plenty of wear, and then all the way down the side. I did this on both sides then I went back and serged my edges just to make sure they didn't unravel.

I had originally decided to make it 3/4length sleeves but I changed my mind afterwards so I cut the cuffs off the original sweater and stitched them onto the ends of the sleeves. Worked out much easier than having to battle with hems I think.

I'm going to have to do something with the neckline in the future as it is a deep v-neck and it sits far too low on my two year old. Will deal with that at some point but for now its ok for in the house wear. 

I've added this to the "Around the world in 80 dresses" challenge thats going on right now at Refashion Co Op.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dress to shorts refashion

Remember this dress? Well, I loved the material so much, I decided to make a pair of shorts out of it aswell. I had another, smaller size, of the dress in my refashion pile so I got to work cutting it up and LOVE the end result :D

I made the shorts out of the bottom piece of the dress, I laid my pattern pieces out on them and they didnt fit so I had to take them in a tiny, tiny piece and now theyre very slightly too small haha. Oh and I couldve really done with adding another inch to the top as they are very, very hipstery lol. We live and learn. They still fit though so I know I'll be wearing them lots and lots :D

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Baby bandana bib

I've just finished making Mimie a bandana dribble bib. It was SO easy to make. I cut out three triangles with long tabs to go round her neck. I made it 5.5" tall and about 12.5" wide, which fits pretty well. I used one piece of an old towel for inside to make it nice and absorbant, one piece of snazzy cotton print and one piece of fleece to stop her clothes getting wet. I stitched them all together, placing the two outer pieces right sides together and the inner piece on top. I stitched all around, leaving a gap to turn, then topstitched all around and added a snap on the neck tabs. It fits really well. I tried it on Leyla aswell and it fit on the neck but couldve done with being a bit longer so for any child over 1, it would need to be maybe 7" tall instead. I love it and I think Mimie does too, although she doesnt look too impressed in that picture :P

Dress to skirt refashion

I had a dress that I bought in a size 20 because I loved the material. I really wanted to make a paper bag skirt out of it but I was in a massive rush. I ended up giving up the paper bag waist idea and just making a simple elasticated waist skirt. It turned out really nice. I love it and I know I'll wear it a lot :D

It was really, really easy to make. I measured from my waist to my knee, I wanted it a bit shorter than knee length so figured that would account for my top hem and elastic, then just cut off that much from the bottom of the dress. With it being a size 20, it was the perfect size across to give me a nice bit of gathering once the elastic went in so that worked out really well. It ended up being about twice my waist measurement. I serged the top edge, the bottom was already done obviously as I'd used the skirt off the dress. I measured some elastic round my waist, 28", and stitched it together overlapping the edges slightly. I then sewed it into the skirt. Thinking back it wouldve been easier to make my casing first and then use a safety pin to thread the elastic through but I like to live life on the edge so I threaded and stitched at the same time :P

This is the dress that I started off with. I love, love, love my new skirt :D

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