Sunday, 1 May 2011

Baby bandana bib

I've just finished making Mimie a bandana dribble bib. It was SO easy to make. I cut out three triangles with long tabs to go round her neck. I made it 5.5" tall and about 12.5" wide, which fits pretty well. I used one piece of an old towel for inside to make it nice and absorbant, one piece of snazzy cotton print and one piece of fleece to stop her clothes getting wet. I stitched them all together, placing the two outer pieces right sides together and the inner piece on top. I stitched all around, leaving a gap to turn, then topstitched all around and added a snap on the neck tabs. It fits really well. I tried it on Leyla aswell and it fit on the neck but couldve done with being a bit longer so for any child over 1, it would need to be maybe 7" tall instead. I love it and I think Mimie does too, although she doesnt look too impressed in that picture :P

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