Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dress to shorts refashion

Remember this dress? Well, I loved the material so much, I decided to make a pair of shorts out of it aswell. I had another, smaller size, of the dress in my refashion pile so I got to work cutting it up and LOVE the end result :D

I made the shorts out of the bottom piece of the dress, I laid my pattern pieces out on them and they didnt fit so I had to take them in a tiny, tiny piece and now theyre very slightly too small haha. Oh and I couldve really done with adding another inch to the top as they are very, very hipstery lol. We live and learn. They still fit though so I know I'll be wearing them lots and lots :D


Unknown said...

Wow, these shorts are gorgeous, well done!

Adele said...

thanks babe x

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