Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Applique cushion cover

This past Friday it was Paul's nan's birthday. He sent me shopping to buy her a present and I just didnt have a clue what to get her. I went through a few DIY ideas in my head but none of them seemed right. I was in a card shop and I saw these little embroidered, appliqued hearts. Not cushion size, more like ornament size but I loved the idea behind them. I decided to make one in cushion size so it was more usable, not just another little keepsake that was going to get shut in a drawer somewhere.

To make one, all you need is an uncovered cushion (or a covered one but bear in mind that some darker patterns might show through if you cover it with lighter material) and whatever material youd like to cover it in. If you want an applique and embroidery on it then obviously you'll need stuff for that too.

First, you want to measure the cushion. Mine was an 18" square. Draw out a square on your material of 18" then add a seam allowance. I made my seam allowance 1/4". Only draw one square for now. You're going to make the back overlap fastening so that will need different measurements. Cut your front square out and set it aside.

To make the back overlap fastening you're going to want to take your initial measurement, half it, then add 1" for the center hem. For my cushion this worked out to be 10.25". You want to cut out two rectangles 18.5"x10.25" (ETA: for a bigger, fluffier pillow it might be a good idea to add more overlap. Mine was only thin so there was no gap but I imagine with a fatter cushion this closure would gape.)

Depending on your material you might want to finish off the raw edges. I used a really fluffy fleece and pieces were getting everywhere so I serged all of my ends, just to stop the shedding. Normal fleece wouldnt have shed as much but the fluffy fleece was sooo cozy :)

Next you want to fold down 1/4" along the long edge of the two rectangles, fold over another 3/4" and stitch them down. This makes a nice finished edge for the opening. You could leave it just serged if you want to but I prefer the look of a proper hem.

Now you want to make your applique. I cut a heart shape out of fleece and embroidered 'Nan' on it. I ran out of embroidery floss so I ended up having to use parcel string lol. It worked quite nicely but I'm dreading when it gets washed. Hopefully it won't shrink and wreck my cushion!

Take the 18.5" square and place your applique wherever you'd like it to go. I put mine slightly off centre and a bit wonky. I figured I wouldnt be able to get it perfectly aligned in the middle so took the easy option :P Stitch on your applique using whatever method you like. I used my sewing machine on satin stitch.

With the right sides together pin together the long raw edge on one of the rectangles and one of the sides on your square. Do the same with the opposite end. Stitch. You'll see on the other two edges that the two rectangles overlap in the middle. Pin and stitch down the other two sides. You could round your corners if you liked. Clip your corners to reduce bulk.

Turn your cushion cover right way round through the opening in the back, stuff and admire your handiwork :D

I'm really proud of it actually and she loved it :)

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Rolled Up Pretty said...

This is adorable, so cute! Thanks for sharing, I found ya from Creative Itch, keep on making super cute things will ya?!

Adele said...

thank you hun :) i'm off to check out your blog x

Moquelish said...

That is such a cute idea! I'm sure she did love it. Nice work.

Adele said...

thank you :) x

Pam @Threading My Way said...

The embroidery and appliqué are fantastic!!! I'm sure Nan LOVES it.

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