Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bow Hairclip

I decided to make this little hair bow today. It's absolutely cute and I am going to wear it a lot.

It was reeeeally easy to make aswell, it's just two rectangles and all you need to know to make one is how to chain and how to half double crochet. You can find videos on how to crochet all over the internet if you've never done it before.

I used a black sparkly, double knit acrylic yarn and a 4.5mm crochet hook but you can use whatever you like really as you can control the size easily.

First we're going to do the big rectangle for the main piece of the bow:

1. Firstly, decide how big you want your bow to be. I wanted mine pretty big. Chain as many stitches as you think would make a nice length. I chained 26 and my finished bow is 6.5ins long.
2. Hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook and across. You'll end up with 24 hdc's. (I'm using American terminology here. Even though I'm English I learned how to crochet from a video an American lady had done and also I tend to find that most patterns on the internet use American terminology so it was just easier for me to learn the American names rather than the English names. I think the English term for American hdc is half treble.)
3. Ch2, turn and hdc in the 1st hdc and across. Don't count the ch2 as a stitch.
4. Repeat last row until the bow is as wide as you want it to be. I did 6 rows and my finished bow is 2.5ins wide.
5. Bind off and weave your ends in.

Now we have to make the little rectangle that sits in the middle of the bow and cinches it all in. How big you make this depends on the size of your bow. The wider your bow, the longer this little piece is going to have to be. It needs to be a very tight fit to keep everything nicely cinched.

1. Ch6, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and across. You'll end up with 4hdc's.
2. Ch2, turn and hdc in the 1st hdc and across. Don't count the ch2 as a stitch.
3. Repeat last row until it's the right length. It needs to just meet at the back of the bow when wrapped tightly around the middle. I did 4 rows.
4. Bind off, leaving a long tail to sew it all together with.

Now we're going to join it all together:

1. Take your bow and fold it in half lengthways. Fold each side into quarters, folding back onto the bow to make a nice gathered look in the middle.

2. Take your smaller rectangle and wrap it around the middle of the bow.
3. Using the long tail you left, stitch the two sides of the rectangle together, pulling the stitches tight.
4. Before you weave your ends in, turn the bow around and adjust the middle piece so it sits where you want it to. Make a few long stitches from one side of the bow to the other, through the middle piece and the gathering in the middle of the bow. Weave your ends in well.
5. I attached a little kirby grip to the underside of mine so I can put it in my hair. I just poked the top edge of it through a few of the holes in the middle piece and it worked lovely.

I really love this little bow, I'm going to wear it loads :)

Ignore the emo pose :P I havent done my makeup today and there's no way this face is going on the internet like it is :P I love how sparkly it is! Every girl needs a bit of sparkle!

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Pam @Threading My Way said...

Sparkly and black.. perfect for a night out!!! I haven't crocheted for years and then it was only squares for a blanket. One day...

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