Monday, 6 June 2011

Jeans to shorts refashion

When I was pregnant with Leyla, I had a pair of maternity jeans that I loved. When I had Leyla, I kept them thinking I was bound to be pregnant again soon. When I was pregnant with Naomie it was summer and absolutely boiling so I wanted a pair of maternity shorts. I looked EVERYWHERE but couldnt find any decent ones so I decided to turn my trusty jeans into a pair of shorts :)

All I did was cut them off an inch longer than where I wanted them to sit on my leg, then folded the hem up twice and did two rows of stitching. They were really quick and I love them.

I wore them yesterday and remembered how much I loved them. Yeh, I know I dont need maternity wear at the minute but you cant tell theyre maternity under my top :P

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