Monday, 20 June 2011

Knotted tutu

I've wanted for some time to make matching sister tutu's for my two girls. I made this one a few days ago for my biggest girl and am waiting to get into town to buy some more tulle to make a matching one for my littlest girl.

I used this tutorial on Little Pink Monster, formerly Samster Mommy. LOVE this blog, its full of really cute ideas. It didnt take me 10mins though because I didnt use rolls of tulle, I had to buy it by the metre and cut it into strips. Her cardboard trick saved me so much stress though. Imagine trying to cut all of those pieces of tulle the exact same length for the hem without the cardboard :O

I made my length 12" (around 2yrs size) as I wanted it to be knee length. Since my tulle was 3 metres of 60" width, I decided to make my strips around 2"x3m. I wasnt too exact since I figured it would be near on impossible to cut it out perfectly anyway. I started off using my ruler to measure out the 2" and just cutting with my rotary cutter all the way up the length, but then realised I'd probably be there my whole life trying to cut it all out like that. I folded it up along the length and cut through eight layers at a time. Much quicker! I ended up with a lovely fluffy pile of tulle :P

From then on, I pretty much followed Natasha's tutorial exactly. I love how it came out but all my elastic bunched up after the first time she wore it so I kind of wish I hadnt spent so long making sure the elastic was all perfectly straight :P

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