Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stuff I want to make...

This might be here for a while with everything undone but I always say I want to make something cool I saw online, and then totally forget about it and it never gets done.

So I'm going to start a 'to-do' list on here to help me remember :)

Recipe cards (I'd love to have some of these. My recipes are on pieces of paper strewn all over the house and I can never find the one I need!)
Petal potholder (I saw this on someones blog recently, sorry I can't remember whose it was now but it was made up in all different bright colours as a table runner and looked gorgeous! Definitely need one of these!)
Fake Mary Janes (I sooo need a pair of these for Mimie, maybe a few pairs :P)
Bow tie for Mary Janes (oh.em.gee, this would be toooo cute!)
Portable high chair (I definitely need one of these, Leyla is out of her highchair now but refuses to sit at the table for too long so dinner times have become a bit of a nightmare! I do have a shopbought plasticky one but a nice pretty fabric one would be sooo much better!)
Toddler backpack (Awww, Leyla would look sooo cute carrying one of these round!)
Green smoothie popsicles (These sound lush!!)
Ruffled skirt (I love this so much!)
Wallet Bag (I saw this a while back and thought it looked brilliant. It would make an amazing present I think.)
Bustier Line Tshirt (LOVE this!)
Knot No-Hem Capri Pants (These are adorable! I'm going to have to make my girls a pair each and maybe one for me too, theyre soo cute!)

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