Friday, 17 June 2011

Village shorts

I love, love, love this material. It's absolutely gorgeous. I got it off my mam who got it off her Turkish mother-in-law, my Babaanne. She didn't really like it, she said it looked like village material lol, so it sat in her stash pile until I went to visit and ransacked her cupboard and saved it. Ok so she gave me it but my way sounds more fun and dramatic.

I was originally going to make a skirt with it but since my recent obsession with black tights and short shorts I decided to make myself another pair of shorts :)

I made myself a shorts pattern by drawing around a pair of denim shorts I bought last year. I traced it onto my paper then flipped it and drew the other side so I had front and back on the same pattern piece. I then added my seam allowance, I like to use 1/4" so I can line up my material with the presser foot. Every time I've made a pair of these shorts I've altered the pattern slightly afterwards to try and make my perfect shorts pattern and I'm almost there! Perfect shorts every time here I come! :P

These ones are pretty good although they're a bit too high waisted for my liking, the first pair I made were too hipstery so I added some length on the waistband but I definitely prefer them hipstery so have cut most of it back off my pattern again lol.

Oh, I should point out aswell that when making this trusty shorts pattern you want the front and back waistband to be different, I made my back 1" higher and tapered the front to fit. This is so you have space for your bum :)

So to make these shorts all you have to do is take your shorts pattern and lay it out over your material. Cut one side with the pattern facing up and one piece with the pattern facing down.

See the curved lines coming down from the waistband to the crotch. Sew those two seams up. I used a straight stitch then a zigzag stitch right next to it for added durability. I probably would've serged but my serger has all white thread and I couldn't be bothered to change it all so a zigzag worked lovely :)

You then want to pinch where the side seams would be and pull them out to each side. You have nearly got a pair of shorts!!

Next, you want to sew up the legs and crotch. I reinforced the crotch just in case. Just stitch back and forward a few times. That's the last place I'd want a hole in my shorts lol.

Fold up a hem on each leg and stitch in place. I decided to have my hem showing on the outside so I turned my shorts right way around, folded up about 3/4" on each leg and then folded up another 3/4", stitched it all down with a straight stitch close to the edge, then another a little further down.

To do the waistband, fold over 2" and stitch all the way around, leaving an inch or two at the back unstitched. That's where you're going to put your elastic in through. Take a piece of elastic the same length as your waist. Pin one end onto a safety pin then use your safety pin to get the elastic through your waistband. Once you've gotten it all through stitch the two ends of elastic together, overlapping them about 1/2". Stitch your waistband shut.

You're done :) Wear your lovely new short shorts as often as possible :)

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