Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dryer Balls

I was looking through Etsy when I saw someone had some wool dryer balls up for sale. I have sooo much wool upstairs that I bought to make longies for the babies out of and just haven't gotten round to so I decided to use some of it to make myself some dryer balls. This is by no means my own pattern, people have been doing this for years and years, I just thought I'd put on here how I did it in case someone else wants to make some too :)

I used about half a skein of wool for each ball, about 50g. Make them whatever size you like, I went for tennis ball size since i figured they'd shrink a little bit when being felted. Make sure you use 100% wool, and make sure its not machine washable or it wont felt properly!

Make a ball in whichever way you find easiest. I wound some round my fingers, squashed it into a tiny ball shape then went over the other direction, wound round about 10 times then turned again and did another direction. Do it whichever way feels most comfortable. Also, hold the ball close to your lap so if you drop it, like I did a million and one times, you (hopefully) won't drop it onto the floor and have to watch it roll around unravelling while you madly try and catch it...

When you're done making your ball, weave the ends in with a wool needle. I used an old pair of tights to felt my dryer balls. I put a ball into one of the feet, tied it with a scrap of acrylic yarn then added the next ball. I made five in one sitting before my hand started hurting and I gave in and chucked them in the wash. I put them on a 2hr, 60 degree wash with the nappies and then put them in the dryer on full heat for 1hr.

When I took them out of the dryer, they didn't seem to be as felted as I thought they would be so I put them in again, this time on a 45min, 40 degree wash and then a 1hr dry. I didn't bother with the tights the second time around, just chucked the balls in by themselves. Oh and I should add actually, next time I'm definitely going to cut the legs off the tights first when doing the first felting because the other leg got all tangled around everything and it was a nightmare trying to get it out!

Apparently, they save you a fortune on tumble dryer costs which is brilliant for me because with this weather we have here and not enough maidens, I have my dryer on far more than I should! I'm definitely going to make another set of 5 and use all 10 in each dry. Here's to saving money AND using up stash!

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Marilyn said...

Hello there, I absolutely love your blog, great creativity, I found ya via weekend blog hop and had to say hello..officially following ya with smiles..I'm Marilyn via hope u can stop in sometime :)))

Adele said...

Thank you hun, it means a lot. I'll definitely check out your blog!


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