Friday, 9 September 2011

Feed Me Friday: Peasant Stew

Whenever it comes to do the weekly shop, I always struggle trying to find recipes/meals that we all like so I am going to make it my mission, every Friday, to find some new recipes for this family. The meals we have now are so boring for us. We've had them every week for as long as I can remember and I need some fresh ideas!

Which leads me onto this!

I found this recipe for Peasant stew on My Recipes. This looks fit!! I love how it's made out of things you'd probably have in already and I love how it's made in the slow cooker. We all love chicken and beans aswell. I'm definitely trying this one!

ETA: I made this and it was delumpcious!! We all loved it. The meat was tender, the sauce was yummy, we had it over rice which went really well.

It was sooo scrummy. I meant to add herbs and yoghurt at the end but i forgot *blush*. It was still really nice though! Will definitely be making it again at some point.

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