Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Homeschool Day 1!

Me and Paul have decided we want to homeschool our kids, specifically Leyla since Naomie has only just turned 1. Leyla is 31months so we decided to go for it now, starting in September since that's when our schools start back for the year.

We wanted to keep it pretty casual for the first few years, just basically letting her have a lot of fun with reading, arts and crafts, cooking etc.

Yesterday was our first day. This was the plan:

Trace straight lines with a crayon.
Do two sessions of singing the alphabet song.
Read a book during the day.
Do two sessions of counting to 15.
Read a bedtime story.

We started off in the morning, while we were eating our breakfast. I got Leyla to count each mouthful up to 15, she did pretty well actually and repeated all of the numbers after me.

Leyla then decided she wanted to colour in so Paul printed her off a picture of a tiger to tie in with this weeks theme. She coloured in a Mammy tiger and a Baby tiger.

We decided we wanted to take the kids to an activity so I rang around all the local children's centres and we found an activity in a library nearby. It was really good, both of the kids loved it! There was only two other little girls there and their Mammies and then the lady leading it so it was nice and cosy. She started off by letting the kids each take a toy out of bag then finding the nursery rhyme that went with it. I didn't know quite a few of the songs though so I just danced along until they did a song that I knew haha. Then the kids all had to sit on a rug while the leader read them a book (The Very Hungry Caterpillar). She took them over to a table with loads of tiny chairs around it and all of the kids drew a picture. Naomie drew her first ever picture but Leyla wasn't too interested. She got me to draw two butterflies on her piece of card and then stuck googly eyes on them both and called it done. We then went back over to the rug and the kids each got an instrument that they played while we sang along. We sang a few more nursery rhymes and then the activity was over. It was pretty good and I think I'll definitely take the kids back!

Then we went into town cos I had to buy Leyla a bed rail for her new BIG GIRL BED!! We decided to have something to eat while we were there so while we were waiting for the food to arrive we sang the ABC song to Leyla, who didn't seem too interested because she'd not long woken up so was still a bit groggy. I found her a video on YouTube to see if she'd pay more attention to that and she did watch it but she didn't try and sing along or anything. I also tried counting 1 to 15 again but once again she didn't seem too interested, until i went past 10 that is when she suddenly perked up and gave me her full attention!

When we got home, Paul sat her on the dining room table and tried to get her to trace straight lines. She did really, really well but kept telling him they weren't lines, they were number 1's! My clever big girl!

After tea, I went and put her into her new big girl bed with her new Peppa Pig bedcovers and she had her milk and I read her a bedtime story (Room on the Broom). She only got it a few days ago off my Gran and she loves it. She slept really well in her big girl bed for the first night, I was a bit worried I have to say. I thought she'd be up and down and I definitely thought the room would be wrecked by morning, clothes pulled out and everything but she was really, really good! So proud of my big girl!

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