Saturday, 10 September 2011

Homeschool Week 1

Rather than doing a day by day account of Leyla's homeschooling I'm going to condense it all a bit so here is week 1. Leyla is 31months.

Day 1: here.

Day 2:
Do two sessions of counting 5 objects - I got Leyla to count her mouthfuls again this morning and in the afternoon I held out my fingers while she counted them. She seemed to know what she was doing but she gets so bored by this.
Comparatives and superlatives - Paul sat Leyla in the dining room with 3 pans on the floor and a wooden spoon. He asked her to stir the biggest, smallest and middle sized pan and she got it every single time.
Read a book during the day - Paul read her That's Not My Fairy this morning.
See how many items of clothing Leyla knows - This one surprised me because me and Paul both thought Leyla was really good at naming clothes. I got pictures of a lot of clothes up on the computer and asked her to name them. She got socks, coat, shoes, hat, tshirt, vest, dressing gown and gloves which was really good! The ones she got wrong were trousers she called pyjamas, jumper she called coat, skirt and dress she called them both fairies (but that's because me and Paul always say to her to put on her fairy skirt/dress), shorts she wasn't really sure what on earth they were which surprised me since she wears a lot of shorts and so do me and Naomie. I showed her pyjamas and she called them bananas in pyjamas and was too distracted then to do any more, she just wanted me to find her a bananas in pyjamas video so I got one up for her and we had a bit of a chill out and watched that :)
Read a bedtime story - When I was getting ready to bring the girls upstairs for bed, I asked Leyla to pick me out two books, one for herself and one for Naomie. Leyla picked That's Not My Fairy (again haha) for Naomie and Bella Fairy for herself. We read them both then tucked them up in bed. Leyla wasn't too keen on going to sleep but Naomie went off within 10minutes. Leyla kept shouting me from her door so I told her that if she didn't want to sleep that was fine but could she stop shouting because she was going to wake Naomie. I told her if she wasn't tired she could sit next to her bed and read a book. So she read That's Not My Fairy (for the third time haha) then wandered around for a bit until it got dark, then I went in and put her back into bed and she went off without a peep.
Extras - While I was making dinner, Leyla was playing with the letter magnets on the fridge and started singing the ABC song, so I joined in and we sang it through a few times. Then she asked me to put the video on for her so she watched the video a few times.

Day 3:
Name and colour in two jungle animals - We printed her off a tree and a snake. She'd already done the tiger on Monday. She wasn't really interested but she's been tired because Naomie woke her up early this morning. She at least coloured them in a little bit then we stuck them up on the wall.
Shapes and colours -Paul got her a poster out with shapes on that we'd bought her last week and pointed out all the different shapes. he asked Leyla to name all the shapes which she easily did. The Paul asked her what colour each shape was which she also found easy.
Do two sessions of counting to 15 - Before I put the babies down for their afternoon naps, I decided to tire Leyla out by having her run around the dining room table while I counted her laps. She loved it and it tired her right out so she went down for her nap without so much as a whinge :D This afternoon Paul showed her a number poster we bought for her last week and went through all the numbers 1-15. He then found her a video on YouTube that went through the numbers 0-20 with pictures of the numbers.
Do two sessions of singing ABC song - Leyla wanted to watch the ABC video again so Paul put it on for her and went through all the letters with her, I also sang it through with her a few times a couple of hours after.
Read a book during the day - Before Leyla's nap, I read her Guess How Much I Love You.
See how many fruits and vegetables Leyla knows - We have this massive basket full of play food that I thought would be brilliant to see what Leyla knows. It has all kinds in so this evening, while I was making dinner, Paul sat with Leyla and went through all of the food in the basket to see what she knew and what she didn't. She knew most of them (apple, fish, grapes, lemon, corn, tin of baked beans, green beans, whole egg, cauliflower, pear, watermelon, lettuce leaf, crisps, banana, chocolate, meat, icecream, strawberry, burger, fried egg, chicken, carrot, cheese, cake, sausage, bread, aubergine, broccoli and onion) the ones she wasn't too sure on were doughnut, avocado which she called a pear, whole lettuce which she called broccoli, gherkin slice which she called tomato (slice), asparagus, chilli which she called pepper and tomato which she called apple. Paul then went online and found her pictures of real food since the play food sometimes looks a bit confusing. She recognised a real lettuce, a real cucumber, a real chilli and a real tomato. Avocado and asparagus I'm pretty surprised at since she used to know both of them. She still did amazingly well though!!
Read a bedtime story -Me and Paul both read the girls Dear Zoo and then Dog's Playful Day before bed.
Extras - We bought a little make-your-own bag set the other day, just out of foam, because a few times lately we've caught Leyla trying to crochet. I've been making a crochet hoodie for her and so many times I've caught her holding it, sticking the crochet hook in and out of the holes and saying "Look Mammy, I'm knitting!!" We thought she'd really, really love to make her own little foam handbag. Basically, its a front, a back and a long strip to connect the two, which you have to thread string through to make a bag. I tried her with it this morning, but I think it's still a bit too advanced for her. She was getting frustrated that I had to help her so I put it away for another day and we coloured in instead. Later on, Paul sat with her and watched a video about snakes.

Day 4:
Do two sessions of counting 5 objects - I tried counting a good few times with Leyla today but she didn't seem interested at all. Hopefully it's still going in with me repeating them over and over. Paul also counted 5 plant pots with her when they were picking the herbs for tea. She counted along with him.
Do two session of counting to 15 - Same as above, she just didn't seem interested at all. I counted to her myself and watched a video with her a few hours later. Paul also counted 1-15 with her while I was making tea.
Read a book during the day - I read both of the babies Hug before their nap.
Trace straight lines with a crayon - Once again, she didn't seem too interested. She must just have been having an off day because she didn't want to do much of anything. She did draw a nice picture though and drew a few circles. She was seriously harsh on herself when her circles weren't perfectly round so me and Paul were telling her how mint her circles were and she seemed to cheer up.
Read a bedtime story - We both read the babies a Baby Einstein book and a Tombliboo book.
Extras - Leyla brought me over her shape poster so we went through her shapes again. She struggled a bit on rectangle but knew the rest (circle, square, triangle, hexagon). Before bed, she brought over a book that has shapes on the front. We went through them again and she struggled on rectangle again but this time when I said rec, she said tangle so it is going in!

Day 5:
Shapes and colours -We got the coloured chalk out and drew her all kinds of shapes with different colours in the yard. We drew lots of different coloured hearts on different squares and had her run to each colour when we shouted it. She was really good at that! She wasn't sure on purple but once I said to her ''Look what colour's this?'', she knew it was purple! It just didn't look very purple. I showed her how to draw squares and how a rectangle is half a square and how a triangle is half a square the other way. She drew a few circles aswell by herself!
Do two sessions of singing ABC song - Me and Leyla sang the ABC song while I was making dinner tonight. She sang along and I taught her e, f and g (she already knew a, b, c and d). Oh I taught her w, x, y and g aswell! She did really well. When were in the bath I got her foam letters out and we sang the song again.
Read a book during the day - We read Room on the Broom before the babies naps.
Comparisons and superlatives - We did this at the same time as we did the chalk play. I drew several sized lines and asked Leyla which one was the shortest and which was the longest. I went through it a few times then asked her to draw me a short line, which she did, then asked her to draw me a long line, which she did! I don't know if it went properly in though because I then drew three more lines and asked her which one was the longest and she picked the short one. It's ok, I'll just keep trying her with that one. She's not even meant to be learning this till next month, I only tried her with it since she did so well with biggest and smallest and didn't seem to need any extra with that. It's the first time she'd ever heard long and short I think so she did really well just to draw a short and long line when I asked!
Read a bedtime story - We read This Little Baby and The Noisy Night before bed.

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