Saturday, 17 September 2011

Homeschool Week 2

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Trace straight lines with a crayon - She did this while we were making dinner tonight. She has the hang of this now definitely. She just gets bored and wants to draw a picture instead.
Sing the alphabet song - We sat round the table after tea and sang the ABC song to Leyla a few times. She's definitely picking bits up, she says ''a, b, c, d, e, f, g'' and she also knows ''w, x, y and z''. Oh and she sings the bit at the end aswell, ''now I know my abc, next time won't you sing with me''.
Read a book during the day - We read Dear Zoo before afternoon nap.
Practice counting to 15 - Before Leyla's nap I had her running around in the dining room to tire her out for sleep and we were counting up to 15 while she ran around. She counted along the first time but the second time she just listened to me saying the numbers. She also counted to 15 today for the first time by herself!! (We had to give her some help on 11 but I think that was more because we always used to stop counting at 10.)
Read bedtime story - We read The Very Noisy Night before bed.

Count to 5 using objects - Naomie has a set of stacking cups and I had Leyla count them as she was setting them up and taking them down again.
Comparisons and superlatives - While we were playing with the stacking cups, I was asking Leyla which one was biggest and smallest. She pretty much knows this now so it's just reinforcing it.
Read a book during the day - We read Room on the Broom before afternoon nap.
See how many items of clothes Leyla knows - I totally forgot to do this one *blush*, I'll add it onto another day.
Read bedtime story - We read Bella Fairy and Incy Wincy Spider.

Name and colour in two jungle animals - Leyla coloured in two monkeys, one with crayons and one with paint. She had a brilliant time :)
Sing the alphabet song - Leyla and Daddy sang the alphabet song this morning. She's getting really good at this, she's picking it up!
Read a book during the day - We had to go out today so the babies napped in their pushchair so we didn't read a story in the day *blush*
Read bedtime story - Paul read the bedtime story tonight but he can't remember which one he read *facepalm*

Count to 5 using objects - We laid out her little stacking cups and I had her count up to 3 first of all, then added more until we were counting up till 8. Yeh I know it's only meant to be 5 and I think she's only ready for 5 because when there is 8 cups she automatically says 9 and 10, even though there is no cup there haha, she easily did 1 to 5 though and now uses her finger to point which she never did before.
Read a book during the day - We started reading Cinderella before her nap. It was quite long so we'll finish it off at bedtime.
See how many fruits and vegetables Leyla knows - Paul and Leyla sat and went through her basket of food again. This time she knew everything except doughnut. She knew all of the ones she didn't know last time so that's brilliant!
Practice counting to 15 - After we counted stacking cups, I had her recite the numbers 1-15. She is brilliant at this now, I am so proud, she is really getting there!
Read bedtime story - We read some more of Cinderella.

Shapes and colours - We sat Leyla with the shapes/colours poster this afternoon and had her tell us what each shape was called. She still struggles with rectangle so we tried to make it more practical for her and showed her how the door and table were a rectangle shape. She knows all of the basic colours now and has no trouble at all telling us what colour random stuff is. She does get white and black mixed up sometimes but that's about it.
Sing the alphabet song - We sang it a few times throughout the day and Leyla asked me to find the video on my phone for her so she watched that a few times and we sang along.
Read a book during the day - We read the last bit of Cinderella.
See how many items of clothes Leyla knows - Paul sat with her on the computer and brought up some different images of clothes. She knew socks, shoes, hat, tshirt, vest, knickers, skirt and gloves. She got dressing gown and coat mixed up. She also called a dress a dressing gown. She knew trousers, jumper and pyjamas. She called shorts knickers.
Read bedtime story - We started off with This Little Baby, then went ont to a Baby Einstein mirror book, then we read an In The Night Garden book.

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