Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mint Stuff I've Seen #2

Following on with the Pintrest love, here are a few mint things I've seen and pinned this week.

Aaaah! I love this! I saw this Cute as a Button artwork over at Happy Together. I think it would look lovely in my girls' room, once I get round to turning the spare room into the girls' room that is!

This gorgeous flower potholder that I found at Visions of Sugar Plums. I need to make a few of these up for my kitchen!


Look at this ridiculously cute dress that I found at Girl.Inspired. I need to borrow steal one or two of Paul's shirts I think. It is adorable!

This one I found on Refashion Co-Op which I'm currently taking part in. I love these bellbottoms. I used to have a pair and I loved them, Huli's put a tutorial up so I'll definitely have to make some! She has a Facebook page, Made with love by Hulibug aswell with TONS more refashions on so go and check it out!

Feel free to take my featured button from the sidebar if I've linked you :D


Unknown said...

Thanks for the link! There are a lot of cute ideas here :)

Adele said...

No problem! I love your blog, you have so much cool stuff on there and you seem like such a happy family!

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