Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Naomie's Birthday Party Dress and Headband

I decided a while ago that I wanted to make Naomie's outfit for her birthday party. I had been looking around all over and I couldn't find a dress that I thought was cute enough. I looked and looked and panicked a bit then decided I would just make my own. So then I started looking for material instead and couldn't find any that was just right. I kept looking and kept panicking and it got to the night before the party. I didn't have any material and I didn't have a dress so what was I to do? Look through my refashion pile obviously haha.

I bought a gorgeous dress a few weeks back from a charity shop but it didn't fit nice. It was a gorgeous floral print but it just didn't look right on me. I don't have a picture unfortunately because my Auntie started unpicking it for me while I was cutting out my pattern. It was a short sleeved dress, knee length, slightly fitted on top with a bow joining the sleeves at the back. It was gorgeous, like I said, but just didn't look nice on me.

I used a peasant dress pattern I had on hand by Simplicity. I made size 1 and probably should have made size 6months as it is ridiculously big on her. I had to put pleats in the front and back and it still needs more pleats putting into the sleeves because it's just too big. It actually fit Leyla and she's in 2-3yrs!

It turned out seriously cute though and I even used the bow that had connected the back of the sleeves together to make a cute little headband. I just shortened it and stitched a piece of fold over elastic onto each end. She hates wearing headbands but I managed to get a good few pictures of her wearing it so I'm going to just pretend she wore it all day :P

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