Thursday, 15 September 2011

This Week Thursday #2

This week has been quite uneventful if I say so myself. We haven't really left the house much. Leyla's been learning, Naomie has been playing, Paul has been gardening (when he's not working) and I have been crafting (when I'm not being a Mammy). Just a normal week haha.

We went out for family day yesterday. We normally take the kids somewhere every Wednesday because it's Paul's day off. We just went for something to eat in town, bit of shopping on the way, Paul made me spend £7.50 on some Lucky Charms cereal! I told him they had better be the best tasting cereal ever for that price haha. You can't get them here normally so the few shops that do sell them put the prices right up! We went and bought Naomie a pink Little Tikes car out of her birthday money. It's getting delivered next week, I can't wait haha!

When we got in from our day out, Leyla did the cutest thing ever! She went into the front room, gave a sigh of pure contentment and said "Such a good day!" Aww, I love my little family so much :)

Leyla's pretty much potty trained now during the day which is brilliant, I'm so proud of my big girl :) I had everyone telling me she needed to be potty trained as soon as she hit two and I was telling them she wasn't ready and would do it in her own time and sure enough, she went from wearing nappies all day and night one day to no nappies and being completely dry during the day the next day!

I'm reluctant to take her nappy off her at night yet. I think I'm going to give her a few weeks first. She's only just gone into her big girl bed aswell, so I don't want to put too much on her at once. Speaking of which, I need to remember to get pictures of her in her big bed! I was sure I took some but they seem to have disappeared...

I also bought Naomie a teething necklace from here. Leyla has one but it's just too long on Naomie so I had to buy her a new one. It's lovely. They've both got the same necklace now aswell :) This girl's service is amazing! I only paid for the necklace late afternoon and she must've posted it immediately because I got it the next morning!!

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