Thursday, 22 September 2011

This Week Thursday #3

 (Yes, I did make my baby pose with a thermometer to prove how ill we've all been :P 
It's ok, I stopped as soon as she got bored.)

We haven't done much of anything again this week because we've all been ill for the past few days. At the end of last week Leyla and Naomie met up with their little boyfriend, and I met up with my friend. They both came for a sleepover and we had a girly night in once the kids had gone to bed, it was good. Paul was working late so it was nice to have some adult conversation haha.

We went fabric shopping the next day but I couldn't really browse because I started feeling really ill so just sat and looked through the sewing patterns. I didn't find any I wanted though really, booo!

Paul went on a manager training course yesterday, so hopefully he'll get that. He really wants it and he's really good at his job so here's hoping *fingers crossed*.

Other than that, we've all been sat in, trying to get over our poorly. I hate being ill, it sucks. I hate it more when the kids are up all night crying because they're poorly and I can't do anything for them *cry*. That's the worst part of being a Mammy I think. I wish I could take all of their poorlies away but I can't :(

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