Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Week Thursday...

I've decided to do something every week to say what we as a family have done this week. Time is going by far too quickly and I want to have something to be able to look back on.

So what have a Mammy, a Daddy, a Toddler and a Baby been up to this week?

We've been learning lots, colouring in lots, playing lots! Leyla has been potty training (and is now dry during the day might I add) and is in a BIG GIRL BED! Naomie has been cruising all over the place. She gets into everything now, it won't be long till she's running about the place.

We had a BIRTHDAY PARTY for Naomie! It was brilliant! My Auntie, Uncle and cousin drove down from Darlington, where I'm from, to spend the weekend with us. Friends came from all over on the day to spend Naomie's special day with us. It was really good. We did an In The Night Garden theme. There was nice food:

In The Night Garden cupcakes:

Paul made a banner with Naomie's name on and two characters from In The Night Garden:

Paul was amazing and dressed up as Upsy Daisy for the kids! We got a lovely family picture:

He even did the dance!! It was such a good day, we all had a good time and lots of laughs. Naomie enjoyed it even if she didn't know that it was hers. I made her a gorgeous new dress and headband which I've written about here.

Bring on the next birthday! I can't wait!!

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