Saturday, 1 October 2011

Homeschool Week 4

I've been missing the past few days, I kept trying to get onto the computer to do my blog and I just never managed it. I am back now though with this week's homeschooling info :)

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I've decided to change my approach to homeschool. I don't think Leyla has the patience to sit still while I try and teach her things, especially when she knows things. She never really seems interested in practicing. Plus I felt a bit sly on Naomie that she couldn't really join in. I decided to make our homeschooling experience a lot more fun, at least for the next year. The kids are still very young to be homeschooled so I think it's better this way.

We are going to be doing a fun activity as often as we can. If we have to skip a day, I'm not going to stress about it too much (or so I'll keep telling myself haha). I've got a box set up with fun learning toys in that I can take out for the kids every now and then and I'm going to try and make sure I cook with the kids at least once a week. I also want them to do more crafty things as it was more academic based before now and I just think they are too young!

So here is my week 4 of homeschooling :)

Monday: I got the Megabloks out again and I had the kids playing with it. I think it's really good for kids to play with it and practice building and knocking it all down again. I know I used to have great fun with Lego when I was little and I still do if I'm honest! We also had a really fun time playing with the chalks in the garden. I drew a load of shapes and random things on the floor and we played a game where we went from one to the other making funny I told her to go and be a lion on the bus shape so she jumped up and down on it rawr-ing. It was really good, she loved it!

Tuesday: We had a sneaky off day and went into town instead *blush*. Leyla loves walking around the craft shops (which works really well for me!). You can tell she's mine haha.

Wednesday: I had Leyla go around the garden with me and we watered Daddy's plants. She is so good, she knows all of the names of the herbs and some of the vegetables! Naomie followed around after us but didn't do any watering. She did eat some soil though! Little cheeky girl!

Thursday: Daddy, Leyla and Naomie made some flowers out of coloured card and painted lollipop sticks.

Friday: Leyla made a lovely little picture for us today. She sat for a good hour cutting bits of card and gluing things and ended up with this cute little picture. It's the first time she's used glue apart from when she helped Daddy make the flowers so I think she did sooo well! Naomie didn't glue anything but she had a really good time getting everything from the Craft Box out and spreading it all over the floor lol.

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