Saturday, 8 October 2011

Homeschool Week 5

For more posts on homeschooling, see here.

Monday: We had to go to town today so we didn't end up doing anything *blush*

Tuesday: While I was making dinner, Leyla and Naomie got the pans out and started playing the drums lol. It was bad on my ears but they enjoyed it so that's the main thing lol!

Wednesday: Today we took the kids to the park. Leyla had such a fun time running around playing on everything. Naomie had to stay in the swing because she still refuses to walk but she had a good time too. When we were done in the park we went visiting family and the kids both got spoilt like they always do :P

Thursday: Leyla and Daddy cut out a load of pictures that we've been getting Leyla to colour in, they're making a massive ''jungle animal'' picture on card to hang up on Leyla's wall.

Friday: We got Leyla doing the gardening today. She went round and watered all of the plants, then Paul asked her to name all of the veggies/herbs we have in the garden. It still amazes me how good she is at remembering which plants are which!

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