Saturday, 15 October 2011

Homeschool Week 6

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Weve all been poorly this week so learning had been a bit slow but I've tried to keep on top of it.

Monday: I got the kids some stacking cups and a wooden shape sorter out of the learning toys box and we all sat together and played with them. We had lots of fun aswell! Leyla started off by putting all of the shapes into their right holes and telling me what the shapes were. Then she showed Naomie how to stack the cups. We then played Leyla and Naomie be nimble lol. We made a tower out of the stacking cups, with them upside down, then we sang "Leyla/Naomie be nimble, Leyla/Naomie be quick, Leyla/Naomie jump over the candlestick" then jumped over the tower hehe. There were lots and lots of giggles :)

Tuesday: Today I went through the alphabet song with Leyla and tried to fix her pronunciation of the letters. She is generally pretty good but she does say a few letters wrong so we worked on those. I didn't want to push it too much because I didn't want to take the fun out of it but she didn't seem to mind.

Wednesday: We went visiting today. We went to see Paul's nan and grandad and Leyla showed off her mad abc skills :P We also practiced biggest, middlest and smallest which she is really good at now.

Thursday: I gave the kids a piece of tin foil today and showed them how nice and smooth it is when it's flat, how crinkly it is when you scrunch it up, and how bumpy it is again when you open it out. We had a few rippages but all in all they had fun :)

Friday: Me and Leyla made some carrot and cheese muffins. They were very scrummy and we had so much fun doing it. She did all of the mixing and tipping, and I did all of the measuring and spooning the mixture into the cases. Oh she also put one case in each muffin tin hole for me <3 She's going to be such a good cook when she gets bigger :)

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