Monday, 31 October 2011

Zombie Bride Halloween Outfit

I made myself a wedding dress so I could go to my friend's party as a Zombie Bride. Paul went as a Zombie Groom but we bought his outfit. I looked all over for something that would work as a wedding dress for a zombie but came up with nothing. So I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make one myself. It's basically a floor length, seriously puffy tulle skirt with a hoop skirt underneath, over a long sleeved tshirt that I cut the neck from half an inch before the shoulder seam to just under the neckline to make it off-shoulder, and a lacy vest top over the top of that.

I love how it's turned out, I think it looks amazing!

The top was pretty straightforward so I won't be doing a tutorial for that but here's one for the skirt :)

To make the skirt I took 10metres!!! of tulle, measuring just slightly over floor length on me (50" approx). I stitched the two short ends together to make a massive tube. I did a short straight stitch followed by a zigzag stitch in the seam allowance.

Then I carefully zigzag stitched over a piece of elastic, I can't remember what the girl in the shop called it but it is slightly thicker and stronger than shirring elastic. I did that all around the top of the tube. Make sure you don't catch the elastic (like I did a few times *facepalm*). I used a metre of elastic and it was plenty. I tied a knot in one end and safety pinned it to the side seam, then as I got to the other end of the elastic, I kept the presser foot and needle down and pulled the elastic forward. That made the tulle all gather up behind the presser foot. Nice and easy! Measure how long you want your elastic to be (mine was 28" around my hips) then knot the two ends together. (If you're sensible...not like'll do two rows of elastic to make sure if one it did on me...your whole skirt wont fall it did on me hahaha...luckily it was the end of the night!!)

Drowning in a sea of tulle!

I cut the bottom off the skirt so it was floor length. It turned out quite raggy because I wasn't overly careful but I think that adds to the zombie look anyways. The picture is not the best but you get the idea.

I was originally going to make another skirt out of two net curtains that I bought, to sit over the top of the tulle but they were just not wide enough, so I made a little underskirt out of white knit instead. I just wanted something underneath since the tulle was very see through :P I basically cut as much white knit as I had, which was just under 2.5m, measured it to as long as I wanted it, which was floor length + a few inches to make a casing for the hula hoop, then stitched side seams together. Fold over/stitch the waistband and add some 3/4" elastic. Make the elastic pretty tight since the skirt is quite heavy so it'll pull down unless it's snug around your waist. Again, the picture is rubbish but it's the best one I have. I don't know what I was thinking taking pictures against the blinds!!

To make the underskirt into a hoop skirt, make a little casing along the bottom hem to add a hula hoop. Cut the hula hoop open then feed into the casing, you can shorten it a little bit here if you need too! Sellotape the hula hoop back together then stitch up the opening. Easy peasy!

I bought the veil on a headband from the hen party selection in Wilkinson's. I splattered loads of fake blood all over my chest, put black eyeshadow around my eyes and some fake blood on my face. I have to say, I think we make a pretty good zombie bride and groom :P


Unknown said...

Great costumes, you look great together! My daughter was a "corpse bride" all though, I admit I didn't put as much effort into her skirt as you did.

Cassandra said...

That's fantastic! I was asked by my 10 year old daughter to whip up a Zombie Bride costume the night before Halloween! Would love for you to pop over and see what I came up with at short notice :) Thanks for sharing!


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