Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dress to apron refashion

I bought this dress a few months ago from a charity shop. I loved the material and it was my size but it was totally unflattering when I put it on. It was too tight on my bust and the bubble skirt was annoying with how tight the underskirt was around my legs.

So I decided to make it into an apron :)

First of all, I cut the side seams open and cut the lining off the skirt. Then I cut the straps where they were attached to the back of the dress. I wanted to make them into a halter neck which I figured would be much easier as an apron.

I turned under all of the raw edges twice and stitched them down with a straight stitch just to neaten all my edges and stop them fraying. Then I put the apron on and tied a knot in the two straps around my neck to make it a halterneck. This made the front very gappy so I had to sew a pleat in the middle top front. To do that, I just folded the material over on itself on both sides of the middle, meeting right at the centre. I then stitched a straight stitch right over the top, reinforcing it with a backstitch at the beginning and end to make sure it didn't come undone. I stitched it at the top and the bottom to try and make the top piece less gappy and it worked pretty well! It does make the apron quite narrow on me though but it's not a big deal I don't think.

Next I went on to making the waist tie. I took the back piece that I cut off in the first step and cut out as long of a strip as I could. I ended up having to piece a strip, making it just under 100" in total as I wanted to leave enough to make a big bow at the back so I made plenty. I made the strip 4" wide, folded in half, stitched, turned and topstitched. I then stitched it onto the waistband with a long straight stitch.

So thinking I was done, I hung it up on the door and went to bed :) Then this morning, Leyla came downstairs, saw it and promptly announced, "I wish I had a cooking apron, I only have a painting apron and I really want a cooking apron!" So I had to adjust it to fit Leyla! Given that it was narrow on me anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal as all I had to do was make the bodice piece even narrower with a dart right down the middle and shorten the hem. Since I was already shortening the hem, I decided to make a ruffle to go along the bottom :) I just cut two pieces about 4" wide off the leftover skirt, pieced them together, hemmed the bottom, ran a basting stitch along the top, ruffled and stitched onto the bottom of the skirt. So now Leyla has a new apron and I guess I better find another dress to make an apron for me!

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