Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas

We seem to have this problem in our house where we eat exactly the same meals over and over again. I am quite fussy and so are the kids, whereas Paul will pretty much eat anything. I keep trying to find more recipes for me to use but we still always end up having the same meals. Chicken is the worst because I only like about 4 meals with chicken in so they get really boring after the 4th week in a row of having the same thing haha!

I've been looking on Pintrest to try and find some nice chicken recipes for us to try and I came across this healthy chicken enchiladas recipe at She Fit. Looks delish! And healthy too which is always a bonus. I don't let my kids eat unhealthy things really so it's always nice to come across a recipe with only stuff I already use in it. I'm going to change out the low fat for full fat though as we don't eat low fat.

I'm adding this to my meal planner for this week :)


Katherines Corner said...

Yummy, what time is dinner, giggle. Hugs P.S> I'm your newest linky follower

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm following from the Linky Party would you follow back.

Unknown said...

Yumy, yumy. Looks realy good;-)
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