Saturday, 19 May 2012

Blog-A-Pal-Loosa Day 14

It's the last day of Blog-A-Pal-Loosa. It's been such a fun few weeks and we've had some amazing giveaways. Good luck to everyone who entered and well done to everyone who's already won :)

Find more Blog-A-Pal-Loosa giveaways here


Yeah, today is my day. I am so happy you stopped by to check out this treasure chest of a giveaway that you just might win!

I agonized for days about this giveaway & what I wanted to giveaway since I have never done this before, I thought I wanted to add items that I would use & were related to my blog; home decor, thrifting, DIY, Cooking & Fashion.  

Here is what I came up with:

I had this piece of beautiful fabric on hand, maybe used for a bulletin board~

A Lovely Scented Candle~

Butterfly Drawer/Door Pull~

Paper Flower for a wreath, gift or as an accent on a vase~

Small Frame, these take paint so nicely, should you care to change the color~

Cupcake Bath Salt after a day of DIY'ing

A Nice Book to cuddle up with~  

Necklace & earring set, to make you feel more beautiful than you are~

This was my thrift store find, a new wallet~

Add some bling with these~

Ball of Lip Gloss~

I believe in the written word, Note Cards~


Craft Paint & Decorative Ribbon to get your creative groove on~

Decorative Serving Dish~

So come on over to 

Thank You & Many Blessings


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