Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Knit Along Progress

Remember a few weeks ago I joined a knit along hosted by Luvinthemommyhood?

I was making a lovely lacy cardigan. I was about halfway up the back and was finding it so easy. Haha! Things went pretty much downhill from there!

I don't know what I was doing wrong but I could NOT get the armhole shaping right. Every time I tried it, I messed it up so I took it back and tried again. I took it back and tried again so many times, I just gave up in the end and decided to knit something else. I haven't unpicked it so I will probably try again at some point and figure it out but I wanted something easier for my first project for me.

I am currently halfway through this pattern. It is working up very nicely so far but I am yet to get to the armhole shaping ;) It is my first attempt at knitting on a circular needle and I'm finding it much easier than I expected it would be! I have spent about a week on this one so far so I'm hoping all that work hasn't gone to waste!

I'm using the same yarn, Sirdar Snuggly DK in the gorgeous turquoise colour. I love it!

Here's to finishing my first ever knitted thing for me :) I hope I can do it.


Very Shannon said...

Love that color! I hope we can help you figure out what happened with the armhole shaping..that lace looks lovely!

Unknown said...

Sorry about the first garment. Your Make up your Mind tank is looking fantastic. I also just finished this one and the arm shaping is really easy, so don't worry. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Isn't knitting on circular needles a dream?!?! Your tank top is coming along really nicely. The back of it on the pattern looks great. I look forwards to seeing your completed garment!

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