Friday, 4 May 2012

Lamp Re-Do by From the Heart

I've got another gorgeous guest poster helping me out today. Rhiannon is sharing a gorgeous lamp redo. I love how it turned out, so pretty!


Hi everyone! My name is Rhiannon and I blog over at From the Heart!
I am a working mom, wife, I do crafts and sew, I like improving my home by diy and having a great time with my family on our beautiful island of Kauai.

I'm happy to be here visiting Mammy Made, thanks Adele for having me while she's spending time with her lovely family.

Today I want to share my long awaited lamp re-do project.

I always see these great lamp projects all over blogland and of course I had to do one myself.
I had searched the thrift stores for a while before finding the shape that I liked.
I found this one a while back and it's been on my project to do list since.

I decided to do a light yellow, and for the life of me I can't figure what motivated me, but I like the color. Breaks up all the black and grey in my livingroom.
I lightly sanded the lamp base and sprayed it with about 3 coats of spray paint.

After searching and searching, I found a shade I liked from Target. Bleh, I had to pay shipping and it costs almost as much as the 2 oz shade!
When I saw my package I got excited all over again, and my fabric arrived at the same time!

And time to get bummed again.... the shade was totally damaged!

I debated returning it but for the hassle and the price I paid I decided to just pop it back into shape as best as I could. I'd be covering it anyway so hopefully it would cover up the damage.

It looked ok when I popped it back into shape and there was only one tiny hole.
I cut out a rough patter to cover the shade, that kinda sucked to be totally honest.

I was kind of intimidated to do this project, not sure why.
I think it had something to do with trying to cover the shade with that kind of shape. I was hoping to find a drum style that was even all the way around with no taper, but no such luck.

Once I got started though it wasn't so bad. I used craft/fabric glue and just glued the fabric to the inside just below the black trim. I used clothes pins to hold it in place as the glue dried.

Yes, this process took a while, here I am working into the night.

When it was all done, I was both relieved and so excited to finally finish it.
The fabric and the paint matched perfectly!

Sorry for the dark pictures, I kept forgetting to take daytime photos.

I used the same color yellow to spray paint a letter M for the wall as well.

The look of it keeps evolving.
I'm not done yet, but it's slowly getting there.


Well, thanks for having me and joining me for my lamp re-do project.
Come by and visit sometime, I'd be happy to have you!



Thank you so much Rhiannon. It's been a pleasure having you :)

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Kara @ Simplistically Sassy said...

Love this!! It turned out beautiful.

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