Monday, 7 May 2012

Mother's Day Wall Hanging

I know that Mother's Day here in the UK was a few months ago but apparently it is just coming up in America. I forgot to post this nice piece of wall art I made for my MIL so thought I'd put it up now in honour of American Mother's Day.

First of all, I let my kids have at a piece of paper each and draw a nice picture. They had a lot of fun doing that! Then I simply took a piece of A4 card and stuck the two pictures down, one on the top corner and one on the bottom corner. They overlapped a little so I made sure none of the picture was overlapping then glued them down. 

I made a little flower out of yellow card and glued that down. Sorry for the awful picture but you get the idea. I cut 6 pieces shaped like in the picture and glued them down in a flower shape, then I cut a stem and two leaf shapes out of green card and had them coming from underneath the flower.

I made a cut out cloud shape for the writing and wrote a little message to Nan from the two babies. Finally, I put the whole thing inside an A4 frame and we wrapped it up and took it round to Nan.

She loved it and the kids enjoyed drawing it aswell. They got a kick out of knowing they made Nan's present ;) Naomie couldn't tell me what her picture was but apparently Leyla drew a picture of Nan and a flower and Nan's arm to hold the flower with <3

Love my babies so much, they are too cute!

This Mother's Day Wall Hanging is part of a Mother's Day group post I decided to take part in. 4 other beautiful bloggers also took part and Jen made an awesome collage of all of our stuff :)

1. Succulent Book Planter by Barb
2. Bath Cream Sundae with Printable Tag by Connie
3. Diet Cherry Cola Cupcakes by Jen
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5. Mother's Day Wall Hanging by Meee :)

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