Saturday, 12 May 2012

Motivated Mommy of Two - Blog Trade

Today is very exciting! Me and a bunch of other bloggers joined up to take part in a blog trade. I am guest posting on Motivated Mommy of Two, a brilliant blog written by the lovely Shirley, and I have Shirley guest posting for me! Go and check out her blog, it's FULL of organising ideas. I think I need to get me some tips!

You can find my post here :)


Hello there everyone. I am really excited to be guest posting for Adele today. I really enjoy her blog. I can learn a couple of things about homeschooling and crocheting from her.

My name is Shirley and I blog at Motivated Mommy of Two. I am a mom to the two most wonderful kids and a wife to the most loving and understanding husband.

I love to write about what motivates me to keep going with my weight loss journey, the awesome times I spend with my family. And of course all of the different projects I like to work around the house.

One of my biggest project this year is getting organized, after having my kids my house just became chaos. Nothing was in it’s place and things were hard to find. My goal is to have my whole house organized by the end of the year.

My latest project was to organize the linen closet, this small closet had become a mess and we were keeping things in here that needed to be tossed away.

Organizing the linen closet was a perfect excuse for me to go shopping (shhhh!!! do not tell my husband)
The towels needed to be replaced. Do not ask me why but lets just say it had been several years since I had bought new towels.

I love different color towels, my husband gets a different color towel than the one I am using. And the same thing goes for the kids. This way we are not using each others towels.

I love to use baskets from the Dollar Tree store. They look so cute, they are cheap and do the job.

It took me a whole afternoon to take everything out of the closet, sort out what I was going to keep and start folding the new towels.

I made some labels for the baskets

And this was the end result

Now doesn’t that look so much better. Now when we have guest over they can find the towels that they need and I am super happy because now our linen closet is organized.

I have really enjoyed being here today, now hop on over to my blog Motivated Mommy of Two and check out the wonderful tutorial being shared by Adele.

Have a great weekend.

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ShirleyRunner said...

Thank you so much Adele, it was a lot of fun trading blogs.

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