Friday, 18 May 2012

Refashioned Tshirt Bracelet AKA Katey Lou's "I Heart Sailors" Bracelet Tutorial

I made this bracelet for my friend and thought I'd put a tutorial on here since it was so easy :) You can use any colours you like and it would look nice. I used blue and white since she is a bit of a sailor freak and I knew she would get a kick out of it :P

You will need:
an old tshirt or some knit scraps
approx 30" lacing cord, cut into 3 equal lengths
long ruler
water soluble pen
safety pin

Using your ruler and your soluble pen, draw and cut out three 1" strips along the bottom of the tshirt. I drew across the whole tshirt then cut them open at the seams so I had six strips. Measure your wrist. Mine was just under 6" so that is the measurement I will be using in this tutorial. Adjust if necessary.

Pull the 6 strips along the stretch so they roll and thin out. Lay them out and put the three pieces of lacing cord over the middle 10". If your wrist measurement is different to mine, just add 2" either side. You want extra cord for the knots you will be making in the next step. See the blue dots? I marked the 6" so I knew where to tie my first knot and when to stop braiding. Again, if your wrist measurement is different, adjust accordingly.

Tie a knot where the first blue dot is, then run a safety pin through the knot and attach it to something. I used the leg of my trousers. You just want it to be secured somewhere so you can get your braid nice and tight. Braid down until you get to your second blue dot then tie off in a knot. Cut off the lacing cord just past the knot, it will be secure enough so long as you made your knot nice and tight. Don't cut the strips off, you need those to tie it on. You could maybe get away with cutting off all but one of the strips on either side, but I left all of mine on so it would be stronger.

Wrap it round your wrist, tie it off with a bow and you're done! Wasn't that easy :)

I am also guest posting today at My World - Made By Hand so head over there to see another tutorial :)

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