Friday, 13 July 2012

Skinny Jeans - tutorial

I had this pair of jeans forever but I hardly ever wore them as they were flared. I prefer skinny jeans so I can wear my boots over them if it is chilly out. I decided to take this pair in on the inside seam so I could wear them more often.

To do so, I just turned them inside out and put them on. I pinned where I wanted my new seam to be (whilst wearing them), then took them off very carefully and drew a line down my new seam line. I did one long line from hem to hem, through the crotch. I stitched along the line with a straight stitch then cut off my excess fabric and ran a zigzag stitch in the allowance. I cut some of the crotch off to make a smoother sewing line but you will want to be careful not to cut too much off or your jeans may be too short in the rise. Luckily, mine are just perfect now.

The jeans also had this little hole just under the knee. I'm not sure how I managed to get a hole there. It seems like a strange place to me hehe. Anyway, I figured that while I was taking them in, I may aswell put a cute reverse applique patch on them to cover the hole.

I very carefully drew and cut out a heart shape around the hole then cut a square of denim to easily fit behind. I pinned it well, made sure the denim was centred as much as possible on the back, then stitched around the heart shape with a zigzag. I used thread the same colour as the stitching on the rest of the jeans so it looks like it was meant to be there. I cut off the excess material at the back and my patch was done :)

Next, I took the hem on the legs up just a little bit. I didn't quite manage to line up my second leg perfectly so the stitching was a bit off. Plus, they were just a tiny bit too long anyways so no biggie. I cut off the original hem, then folded and folded again to make a nice double hem. I stitched it down using my new twin needle originally but didn't like the look so I unpicked it and ran a single line of straight stitch. The twin needle was awesome though! Much easier than I expected!

I love my new jeans :D


Kay said...

I have tried doing skinny jeans so many time's and they go so wrong.
What is the knack to it?

Kay x

Pam said...

Using reverse applique over the hole is a great idea. I think this looks better than regular applique. Under the knees is where my jeans wear the most... bending down for kids???

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