Friday, 24 August 2012

Summer refashions and repairs

I'm on holiday at the minute visiting my family in Turkey so I have been fixing and refashioning our summer wardrobes. I took a pile of Naomie's sleepsuits that she had outgrown in the legs and arms and simply cut them off so she stays nice and cool at night :)

I found some nice blue 3/4 length pants in the back of my wardrobe here. I think I must have bought them when I was a bit bigger than I am now so they were too big and baggy on me. I decided to take them in a bit and elasticate the cuffs. I took them up a bit to just under knee length and  also had to repair the crotch as I somehow managed to rip them last time I wore them.

I had this white top with slashes down the back that I loved but didn't wear very often because it was very low and always flashed my bra. I took it up at the shoulders and now it fits much better.

I also made a very cute little flower for my plain white flip flops. I love this refashion so much. Gorgeous!


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1 comment:

Dee - WishfulMe said...

Great job with your re-purposing items! I like expanding my wardrobe from within. So much more affordable.

Take care!

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