Friday, 7 September 2012

Men's Tshirt to Off Shoulder Knot Tied Crop Top

The other day I found one of Paul's tshirts that he had left here. Rather than take it back for him I figured I would make it into a top for me instead mwahaha.

I started off with a basic men's size medium tshirt. These are so easy to find in charity shops if you are unable to steal borrow one from your husband's wardrobe :P

The first thing I did was fold it so the side seams were in the middle of the tshirt. I wanted to make sure I had it nice and even for when I made my cut. I made sure I was cutting the front but you can do this on the back if you'd rather.

I cut out a rounded off rectangle from the bottom middle of the front of the tshirt. I cut it to go just above my belly button. Feel make to make it longer or shorter at this point.

When I had done that, I tried it on and decided I needed to do something with the neckline. I cut off the ribbing and then cut a bit more to make it more like a boat neck. I had to keep trying it on and adjusting to get it to where I wanted it. I made it big enough to wear as an off one shoulder top but small enough that I could still wear it as normal if I wanted to.

I love my new Off Shoulder Knot Tied Crop Top :)

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