Sunday, 16 September 2012

Pre(Home)school Week 1

Term 1, Week 1

  • Reading - read a few books together then ask questions about the books at the end
  • Writing - colour in, encourage your child to try to stay in the lines
  • Maths -  count out a few pieces of lego and practice adding with them ("what does one lego plus two legos equal?")
  • Home economics - bake cupcakes
  • Art - cut out pictures from a magazine and glue onto a piece of card
  • Music - pretend to be a band, all play instruments together
  • Science - fill the bathtub with water then have your child drop things in the water to see what will float and what will sink - have her guess first what she thinks will happen
  • Physical education - put a cd on that you love and turn it up loud, sing and dance around  the room until you are both too tired to do any more (this is a really fun one!)
  • Role play - put some cushions on the floor to make a car, sit on them and have your child drive you to the park / shops etc, play shopping trip or day out, make it as fun as possible
  • Turkish -  teach your child how to say hello and goodbye in Turkish (I used two teddies and had them saying hello and goodbye to each other)

This week I was most surprised that Leyla already knew how to add 1+1 without me needing to teach her. It's amazing what kids pick up without us even realising. She was really good at adding bigger numbers aswell, I only went up to 11 but she added 5+6 really easily. I had a pile with 6 legos in and a pile with 5 legos in and asked her to add them together. She put them all into one pile and added them up together. I also tried to teach her how to count on her fingers but she was getting bored by that point so I don't think it went in properly. Will teach her that again next week.

The girl's nan has just got back from Spain and she brought them some maracas and castanets back, and Paul had bought them a tambourine so we all got up on the hearth and played band. I even taught them how to bow at the end :P We were mint!

I filled the bathtub up and we dropped in some things I found in the bathroom. I asked Leyla which ones she thought would sink and which ones she thought would float. She did pretty well guessing the hair bobble, ring and bracelet but she thought the soap dish would float and the rubber duck would sink. Still pretty impressive though and gave me the chance to explain that some things that look like they should float might just surprise you and sink.

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