Monday, 1 October 2012

Pre(Home)school Week 2

Week 2

  • Reading - encourage her to memorise nursery rhymes
  • Writing - draw the outline of a path and have your child draw lines following the path without going outside of the lines
  • Maths -  practice counting numbers 11-20
  • Home economics - teach your child about basic hygiene and why it is important
  • Art - do watercolour painting on a large piece of paper
  • Music - compare how different instruments sound when played
  • Science - go on a walk around the neighbourhood and ask your child to point out hard vs soft things
  • Physical education - play follow the leader around the house
  • Role play - play library, make a library card together then give your child a bag, ask her to pick a couple of books to "take out", then have her bring them to you to stamp, read them that night in bed
  • Turkish -  teach your child how to say her favourite foods and drinks in Turkish

Leyla did really well keeping in the lines of the path! She drew a few lines and every one was inside the lines. She actually found this activity much easier than I thought she would so I will have to find some harder activities for her.

We made a song out of the numbers 11-20 and sat together and sang the song together over and over. She is still not perfect at this but getting there!

My brother visited last week and him and his girlfriend bought the kids an easel. They absolutely loved it and painted a brilliant watercolour picture on it.

Both kids absolutely loved playing library. Will definitely be doing that one again!

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Mud Hut Mama said...

I love these ideas. We are also busy with preschool homeschool so will be interested to follow along with you. I especially like the drawing lines inside a path and the walk looking for hard vrs soft.

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