Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mother's Day - Cake in a Jar Tutorial

Last Sunday was Mother's Day here in England. Unfortunately, my own mam and my own gran live miles away from me so I was not able to see them, but I did go round to my ex's parents house with the kids to have a nice family meal. I made the girls' nan and great nan a yummy cake in a jar each.

The cake in a jar was really easy to make and looks great. I used this recipe but left out the coffee for both the cake and the buttercream. I should've halved the recipe really as I was left with half a cake. Oh, I added 1tsp vanilla extract to the cake mix since I had removed the coffee flavour.

First things first, I gathered all of my ingredients together. I used one of the two cakes made using the recipe I linked to above, some raspberry jam and some plain buttercream. I chopped the cake up into small cubes and pressed them into the bottom of the two jars. I pressed down quite firmly to get the cake to all meld together. I added a spoonful of jam and then a spoonful of buttercream. Try and make sure you get the ingredients right on the edges of the jar as this will give the nice effect from outside. I carried on with one more layer (shh, I ran out of jam before I had finished both jars so they are both missing a top layer of jam) and finished with a topping of buttercream. 

I made some lovely little labels on card, hole punched in the corner and tied them on with ribbon in a pretty bow. I think they look awesome and I'm told they tasted yummy aswell!

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Louise Blake said...

Oo I love these! I bought a few jars last week and I've been on the lookout for recipes. I quite fancy making up a few of these and a few all in one cookie jars to give as gifts. Jar gifts are so cute!

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