Monday, 8 April 2013

My Homegrown Vegetable Patio Garden - Week 1

I have always had a thing about growing my own veg. I have always been really keen on trying it out but have never really given it a go. I have decided that this year is the perfect year to try. Why this year? There's no time like the present :P I tend to over think things to the point that there is no time left to just go and do it so this year I am just taking the plunge and going for it.

This is my unedited back yard. As it is today. Yeh, it needs a lot of work. I'm hoping I'll have the space to plant enough food and still have room for the kids to play out there.

I started my garden last week by buying myself one of those tomato planter kits from Asda. I planted it last Thursday with the help of my two very cute assistants, and it is currently germinating on my spare room windowsill.

I took out a ton of sprouted potatoes from my root veg box yesterday. I was about to throw them out but decided to cut them up and use them as seed potatoes. I know some people say don't use potatoes from the supermarket and if you do have to, then definitely don't use them for more than one year as they can become diseased. I figured they would be perfect just to try my hand at potato growing. I would only be throwing them out anyway so what's the worst that could happen! I cut them so that the sprout was facing up and cut enough to fill my 3 potato bags, 5 sprouts in each. The cut potatoes need to be left out on the side for 3-4 days, so the edges go hard and brownish. This stops them from rotting when you plant them and ruining your whole plant.

So that is week one of my gardening efforts :) I will be starting properly this week after I have had chance to get to the garden centre for supplies. I will try and update every week with how I am doing and hopefully I will soon have an abundance of homegrown food in the Mammy Made kitchen :) I would love it if some of you joined in with me!

Oh, before I forget. For those of you in the UK, I found an amazing website, Container Gardening For Food. A lot of the videos I have found online have been from America. A lot of what is said is probably true for the UK aswell, but I was worried about the different climates. I was very happy to find a UK based website with lots of very helpful information! Go and check it out.

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