Monday, 22 April 2013

My Homegrown Vegetable Patio Garden - Week 3

I have lots of little seedlings this week!!

I planted my tomato seeds last week and they are doing well. I don't want to plant them on yet. I'll give them another week or so and plant them on when they get a bit bigger and stronger. For now I am just keeping the soil nice and moist and making sure they get plenty of sun.

The tomato kit I bought is really big now. It's been sat on my kitchen windowsill and is growing well. I am going to plant this one on at the end of the week as it is getting pretty big and sturdy. I have been rotating all of my tomato seedlings every day to make sure they grow nice and straight. I definitely notice that at the end of each day the seedlings are all pointed towards the light.

My potatoes are coming on very slowly. You can just about see a few shoots peeking through the compost. Hopefully by next week they'll be a lot bigger.

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Ianroniel Baluyut said...

I am wondering if how they look like now? did they grow well? which side of your patio are you going to put them?

Denver Patio

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