Friday, 5 April 2013

Top to dress refashion

I had this gorgeous little purple and red top / dress from when Leyla was about 1. It looks like it is meant to be a dress but is far too short. I loved it though so I always knew I would add length to it at some point. Obviously I never got round to fixing it in time for Leyla to wear so it's good job I have Naomie! :P

It was really easy to fix. I just found some red woven material and cut it to the size I needed. You can faintly see my cutting lines here. I just folded my dress in half, laid the fold on the fold of the red material and drew a line around the hem, added a few inches on to the bottom and extended the line down the side. I cut it out with a 1/4" seam allowance as that is what I usually use.

Stitch down the two sides to make a tube. Lay the dress and the add on piece right sides together, matching side seams, and sew all around the hem of the dress. I used a straight stitch and then a zigzag for added strength. At this point you can flip your seam up onto your dress, and stitch a line all around to secure. This makes the dress look much more professional. Fold up and stitch down your hem and you are done :)

Easy peasy.

1 comment:

Claire Cooper said...

This such a sweet dress - I love refashions like this.

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