Monday, 6 May 2013

My Homegrown Vegetable Patio Garden - Week 5 (part 1)

What a difference a week makes!!

My potatoes are growing really well! You can really tell the difference between last week and today. They have grown to be about as high as a large hands length already. I have been watering them every other day with a  full watering can each and it seems to be working.

I earthed them up this afternoon. To do that you basically pour more compost around all of your green, until there is only a couple of inches peeping through the top. Some of my shoots were much smaller and so ended up being completely buried but that's ok. Just cover until the top shoots are barely peeping through and you'll be good. I think the reason for doing this is it increases the amount of plant that produces potatoes so you end up with more. I did it today and I totally underestimated how much compost I would need. I bought 50l for my potatoes and my tomatoes and used all of it on the potatoes! When you've got them all earthed up, you will need to water them really well. I like to water until I can see it draining out of the bottom, then I know the compost has had a really good soaking and any excess can just drain away.

I am going to have to do the update for my tomatoes in the next couple of days because I do not have the compost to do it. Will head to the shops tomorrow then write up part 2 on my tomatoes either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on when I get a chance :)

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