Monday, 10 June 2013

My Homegrown Vegetable Patio Garden - Week 10

Lots of new growth this week.

Look at all the pretty flowers on my potato plants! I was so excited to go out and see the first one. Strangely enough, the first flower was on Naomie's plant, the smallest of the three. I guess size isn't everything.

Some of the leaves on my tomato plants seem very dry. I am going to increase their watering for a few weeks and see if that makes any difference. They also don't seem to be growing as much as they had been so I'm hoping extra watering will help with that too. They obviously just need more water than I thought.

My five tomato seedlings are big enough to be moved into their final growing space, so I will be doing that this week.

The girls' cherry tomatoes are doing well but need a few more weeks by the look of them, until they will be ready to be replanted.

In other news, I made myself a new blog button. You can find the grabby link on my sidebar. If you want to display it for me, I would be eternally grateful :)

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