Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Birthday Girl's Tshirt Refashion

Naomie's third birthday was at the end of August and I had bought a tshirt for her from Leyla. The tshirt was red and it said "Special Little Sister". When I received the top, however, I thought it looked a bit small. So what's a Mammy to do?

I cut the design off the too small tshirt and stitched it onto a plain white tshirt, using a zigzag stitch. Obviously with the design being on knit material, I didn't need to finish any edges.

This little project took me five minutes and the new tshirt will fit Naomie for a good while yet :D


Magda E. said...

I have saved a few t-shirts that don't fit my G. anymore or that are stained to do this too. =D

Irene V. said...

You're a smart mum! I would not have think to that!
Go Adele, go!
MammaNene @

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