Thursday, 5 December 2013

"24 Days to Christmas" Countdown - Glitter Name Gift Boxes

This year I thought it would be nice to do a Christmas countdown, showing off things I have made as gifts and ornaments either this year or in previous years. If you are wanting to make handmade gifts for your loved ones this year, then keep watching because I hope to put an awesome Christmas related tutorial or recipe up every day until Christmas Eve. Today is day 5!

Today I have a lovely guest poster dropping in to share a tutorial with you all, Heather from the Beating Hearth. I am pretty sure you are going to love her glitter name gift boxes as much as I do. 


Merry Christmas everyone!  It's Heather from The Beating Hearth and I am so excited to be a part of Adele's 24 Days to Christmas. Like her, I have my own Christmas series going on, Holiday Cookie Extravaganza!  Every Monday and Wednesday until Christmas I will have a tasty treat for you, so please stop by. 

Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  My beloved Grandma Evelyn is the originator of this project.  If the internet had been around fifty years ago, she would have been in heaven.  Not much of a sewist, she loves a classy yet simple way to add a little glamor to the every day.

Christmas day she gave us several gifts, but for each of her grandchildren, one present was different.  It wasn't wrapped, and yet we knew it was the best of the bunch.  It was simple, a white box, with a bow, and our name written in her beautiful hand, coated in glitter.   I always opened that one last.  So, start this tradition at your house, anyone who gets this present will feel special, indeed.

I love a project that has minimal supplies.  You need a white box, glitter, good old Elmer's Glue and a pencil.  And, the pencil is optional.

Write the name of the recipient on the box.  If you're bad enough, you can just free-hand it with the glue. I am clearly not as bad ass as my image may portray, as I used a pencil...and a ruler so the name would be straight.

Using a heavy hand, trace the name with glue.  Go slowly, with a thick and steady stream of glue.  If you have any gaps, just carefully fill them in.  You don't want the glue to be too thin, you really want the name to stand out.

While the glue is still wet.  Coat with glitter.  I have girls.  They only like pink.  Let settle for a few minutes and then gently shake the glitter off into a bowl so that you can reuse the excess for another project.

Set aside and let dry completely.  Then shake off the extra glitter again.

And be prepared for glitter to do what glitter does best...get everywhere!!!

You could also get flashy and do a design.  Grandma Evelyn knew though, that less is more.  We just had our name...and the occasional glue dollop....glitter coated, of course.

Throw on a festive bow, and place under your tree.  An easy craft, but one that's sure to make an impression.  Who doesn't like to see their name in glitter?

Thanks again Adele for letting me hang out here today!  And remember, check out the Beating Hearth all month for the tastiest treats!!


Thank you so much for joining us today Heather, I absolutely love your idea. Good job, Grandma Evelyn! 


Heather @ The Beating Hearth said...

:) Grandma Evelyn would be tickled to know I guest posted this. I better give her a call today. Thanks for letting me share.

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

What a lovely way to 1. save on wrapping paper and 2. make your presents look sparkly and beautiful. How wonderful you've continued your grandma's tradition.

Jullee Petersen said...

Love it!

Jullee Petersen said...

Love it!

Natalie @ NorthShore Days said...

I love this Heather, what a great idea xxx

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