Monday, 16 December 2013

"24 Days to Christmas" Countdown - Smartie Teacher Appreciation Christmas Gift

This year I thought it would be nice to do a Christmas countdown, showing off things I have made as gifts and ornaments either this year or in previous years. If you are wanting to make handmade gifts for your loved ones this year, then keep watching because I hope to put an awesome Christmas related tutorial or recipe up every day until Christmas Eve. Today is day 16!

Today I would like to share a lovely little gift I made for my daughter's teacher. It took me no time at all and cost me £2 to make. Not bad for a teacher gift as cute as this one.

First things first, I made this printable. "I'm sure to be a smartie with you as my teacher!" Sweet. I didn't write the quote by the way, I found it online but couldn't find a printable for it so just made my own. I printed it out on printer paper then glue sticked it onto card. I cut around the edges to make a nice square label then hole punched the top corner. Label done.

Next, I found myself a jar and gathered the rest of my supplies. I picked my jar because it had a plain black lid and I wouldn't have had to cover it. A mason jar would work perfectly aswell. If you can only find a jar with writing on the lid you will need to cover it with scrapbooking paper or fabric. I also used some ribbon tape, which I found for £1 in my local card shop.

I emptied out a tube and a half of smarties into the clean, dry jar and fastened the lid. I took my ribbon tape and attached the label with it, using a double knot. I then curled the ends and added a few more pieces of tape, again curling the ends to give a nice finish.

Teacher appreciation christmas gift done! So easy and simple. This gift took me all of 5 minutes and cost me £2. I just hope she likes smarties ;)

I hope you all enjoyed this idea. You can find more Christmas Countdown posts here.

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