Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mediterranean Quiche

Morning everyone! I made this delicious mediterranean quiche for my two girls yesterday and they loved it. It is yummy, packed full of vegetables and easy to make. It is also very tasty cold so is good for leftovers. Sounds good to me!

Mediterranean Quiche (serves 4)

320g packet shortcrust pastry
180g baby spinach
small red bell pepper
50g feta, cubed
1/2 - 1 tbsp oats
4 x large eggs
splash of milk
seasoning (I used black pepper, dried mixed herbs, a pinch of turmeric and a pinch of chilli powder)

Preheat the oven to 200C / 400F / GM6. Use the pastry to line a quiche dish. I used a large 10" pyrex quiche dish so I had to piece the pastry together a bit to get it to fit. I covered the bottom then used the extra to add a bit more crust to the side. I like it better this way, it has more of a crunch and I think just tastes nicer. Prick the pastry with a fork then bake blind for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, fry the red pepper in a little olive oil until soft. Add the spinach along with 2tbsps water. Cover and leave to steam cook until wilted.

Use the oats to lightly cover the bottom of the quiche. This helps a lot when using wet ingredients. You don't want to end up with a soggy base. Squeeze as much liquid as possible out of the spinach and peppers and add to the quiche. Scatter the feta cubes on top. Mix the eggs, milk and seasoning together in a jug then pour on top of the vegetables. Cook for 30-40 minutes or until the pastry is golden brown and the eggs have set.

I personally think that the only way to eat quiche is with Heinz baked beans and salad cream. Tasty!

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Little Girl Tutu - Tutorial

Hi everyone! I am back after my christmas and new year break. I hope everyone had an amazing time. Me and my girls spent them both with family and had lots of fun and laughs. 

I made this beautiful little girl tutu for Leyla to wear on new year's eve and she looked the belle of the ball! I love the ribbon on the front, it doubles the cute factor. Not that she needs much help to be cute, of course.

This tutu is for approx age 4-5 years and fits to just under knee length on my little girl, who is approx 42" tall.

To make this tutu you will need a piece of elastic long enough to fit around your child's waist, some rolls of tulle (or a piece of tulle cut into long 6" strips) and a piece of ribbon. I cut my strips of tulle to be 31" long. To do this easily, I made a piece of cardboard that measured 15.5" long, wrapped the tulle around until I ran out then cut one side. I ended up with a lot of 31" strips of tulle.

I cut my elastic to be 21.5", which was my little girl's waist measurement. 0.5" was lost when stitching the elastic together which resulted in a nice fitting waistband. I stitched it together with a zigzag stitch and ended up with a 21" joined piece. I stretched my elastic around my dining chair to make it easier for me to attach the pieces of tulle.

To attach the tulle on to my elastic, I folded a piece in half, with the fold pointing down. I passed the folded tulle under the elastic then pulled the two tails over the elastic and through the loop created at the fold end. I then pulled it tight to secure. Make sure your knot is not too tight though or your elastic will end up all twisted and will be uncomfortable.

When the elastic is all covered you need to add your ribbon. I did not loop it all the way around, I just looped it through the front piece of tulle, tied it off in a double knot then tied my bow. I left the ends long because I think they look much nicer that way. You can either trim the ends of the tulle or leave them slightly uneven and raggedy if you like. I left mine because again, I think they add to the cute factor.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. I had fun making it and am planning to make lots more! They are quick and easy and turn out very adorable.

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